March 7, 2021


Here is a showcase of some of the work we’ve been able to do for the Wichita mobile app development community. We also have work that we’ve done for clients, that isn’t showcased here, but we’d be happy to share it with you at our first meeting.

Sedgwick County (iOS & Android)

The Sedgwick County app provides a multitude of services, including programs for seniors, animal control, appraising, code enforcement, records, corrections, elections, emergency medical services (EMS), environmental resources, fire department, health and human services, housing, planning, register of deeds, sheriff’s office, tag office, and a number of options for culture and recreation.


Builders Plus – BP Playbook (iOS)

The BP Playbook was originally created to allow Builders Plus Construction to better distribute training materials to employees, including how-to videos, definitions of commonly used phrases, descriptions of equipment, and tutorials for construction processes. This app quickly grew and now includes corporate communications to employees, employee schedules, and the capability for employees to send (previously paper) documents into the corporate office.

Lawn Buddy (iOS)

The Lawn Buddy app allows homeowners, real estate agents, and landlords to easily connect with lawn care professionals that are licensed, insured, and background checked. This “Uber-like” service offers access to dozens of lawn care professionals at the touch of a button. The app aims to revolutionize the lawn care industry, starting right here in Wichita, Kansas.

WD Armstrong (iOS & Android)

The WD Armstrong app offers customers of one of the largest national HVAC and appliance part distributors in the country with easy access to participating distributors, parts catalogs, and temperature / pressure charts. The app offers the ability to build orders by scanning items with your phone, then allowing you to quickly send these orders via email to your local parts distributor.

BrewHop (iOS & Android)

BrewHop connects users to keep an eye on their favorite local breweries in the Wichita, KS area. The app provides users with easy to navigate information on the best beers in town, brewery info, and what beers are trending now. This app is currently published on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We put this app together in a few days as a side project after a company outing.

MobileFeast (iOS)

MobileFeast connects users to their favorite local food truck in the Wichita, KS area. Users no longer have to navigate Facebook and Twitter to find the menu or location of food trucks for a given day.